Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscle layers to reduce pain, muscle tension, improve mobility, and restore normal range of motion and muscle function. We utilize a combination of deep strokes, compression, trigger point work, myofascial release and both active and passive stretching with the pressure level adapted to the client's comfort level. This treatment is recommended for those experiencing consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity, or suffer from chronic pain or sustained physical injury.
Sports Massage
Sports massage is targeted to those who are very active and participate in any level of fitness training. Utilizing deep tissue techniques combined with both active and passive stretching, it puts more focus on the tendons and joints in addition to the muscles. Sports massage can prevent injury, reduce pain and swelling, increase flexibility, improve recovery time and help with many chronic repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and bursitis.
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage employs techniques to increase circulation and muscle tone, improve quality of sleep, and flush metabolic waste from the body. Its primary goal is to reduce stress and tension in the body and promote a sense of overall relaxation, balance, and well being.
Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage Therapy is designed to help address the stresses applied to the female body when carrying a baby. It specifically targets the lower back, hips and glute muscles, as well as the legs and feet. It can help reduce joint pain from weight gain and postural imbalance, provide relief from digestive discomfort, improve circulation, and provide a deeper sense of relaxation and reduced anxiety. It promotes a feeling of being at ease and in touch with yourself and your baby. After giving birth, continuing treatment with Postpartum Recovery can help ease abdominal pain from labor, reduce the strain from infant care and support breastfeeding. During the massage, clients are supported by a cushioning system in side-lying and/or a semi-reclining position. Techniques called deep tissue sculpting are used with lighter pressure to foster relaxation and stress management while a deeper touch for therapeutic pain relief and re-balancing may be used.
Shoulder Arm Hand Treatment
This is a unique 30 minute treatment that brings focused work to the shoulder complex, arm and hand and is specically tailored to each client's individual needs. Treatment may include deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, active and passive stretching, and range of motion work to help restore function and mobility. This treatment can be targeted at conditions such as rotator cuff injuries/rehab, frozen shoulder, strains and sprains, but also may be used to help with everyday stressed to the shoulder, arm, and hand. It can be helpful in treating repetitive stress disorders such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as joint related conditions such as arthritis, osteoartritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bursitis. This treatment is a great addition to both physical and occupational therapy and we are glad to coordinate with your physical or occupational therapist on a shared treatment plan. *Please note that this treatment, as all of our treatments, may be recommended by your physician or physical/occupational therapist to aid in recovery and may be covered by your insurance. We do not offer insurance billing, so you must coordinate reimbursement with your insurance company.
Headache / Migraine Treatment
This thirty minute treatment is targeted to those clients who suffer from headaches, migraines, neck pain, TMJ(D) and jaw pain. It utilizes static pressure on pulse points, deep tissue work to the neck, upper back, and shoulders including light trigger point work and stretching of the neck and shoulders. Optional work on the muscles of the jaw is included for those who suffer from TMJ(D), teeth grinding, or chronic jaw pain. Pressure levels are adjusted to the client's needs the day of treatment. This service can be provided standalone or as an add-on to another service. *Note-This treatment is not recommended if you are currently experiencing an intense headache or migraine as it can worsen symptoms.
Plantar Fasciitis / Foot Treatment
This 30 minute treatment is specially designed for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or whose feet feel tired, achy, and sore. The treatment utilizes a combination of deep tissue, trigger point work, and light stretching. The work is performed using Prossage Heat, a deep warming oil to soften the muscles and is finished off with the application of Biofreeze gel to cool and refresh the feet. This service can be provided standalone or as an add-on to another service.
Craniosacral Therapy (CST)
CranioSacral Therapy or massage, works with the cranio-sacral system, which includes the bones in your spine and head as well as the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Stress can cause imbalance in the cranio-sacral system, resulting in headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, jaw problems, or emotional difficulties. In order to re-balance this system, the therapist cradles your neck, shoulders and head to tune into and manipulate the pulse of the fluid. Tiny adjustments to the bones position are made, allowing the body to naturally heal and come into a renewed place of homeostasis.
Reiki is a natural therapy that gently balances universal life energy and brings health and well being to the recipient. It promotes well-being by balancing the body, mind, and spirit by reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing. During a Reiki treatment the client rests fully-clothed on the massage table while the practitioner places their hands on key locations on the client’s body. The client will experience deep relaxation and may feel pleasant warmth, tingling or cooling sensations under the practitioner’s hands. While Reiki is useful for any condition, it is often sought by cancer patients and their loved ones, those healing from injuries, patients both before and after surgery, and people who are physically or emotionally exhausted. For more detailed information on Reiki, view our fact sheet here.
Deluxe Spa Treatments
Purchase a spa package as a unique gift for a wedding, birthday or special occasion as the ultimate escape for body, mind, and spirit.

Balance and Restore

This treatment is the perfect combination of massage and Reiki to help balance and restore the body, mind, and spirit. This therapy combines a luxurious 60-minute massage with aromatherapy and Arnica oil to soothe aching muscles and relax the mind, and a 30-minute Reiki treatment, bringing deep relaxation and balance to the body.

Relax and Rejuvenate

This treatment combines of a luxurious 60-minute massage utilizing aromatherapy and Arnica oil to soothe aching muscles and relax the mind, a 30-minute restorative foot treatment beginning with the application of Prossage Heat, a warming penetrating oil, followed by a vigorous foot massage and ending with the application of Biofreeze gel to cool and soothe tired muscles in the feet, and a 30-minute Reiki session, bringing even deeper relaxation and balance to the body.